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Our Team

David C. Henderson, MD 
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry Boston University School of Medicine; Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Division of Psychiatry, Boston Medical Center

Joanna Piechniczek-Buczek, MD
Executive Vice-Chair and Chief of Clinical Operations

Joan Taglieri
Senior Director of Clinical Operations

Christina P.C. Borba, PhD, MPH
Director of Research

Adult Psychiatrist

Oluranti Adepuju, MD
Isidore Berenbaum, MD
Pedro Jose Fernandez, MD
Anna Fitzgerald, MD
Karen Henley, MD
Jeanne Horner, MD
Mark Howard, MD
Paul Kaufman, MD
Derrick Manzlak, MD
M. Catalina Melo, MD
Snezana Milanovic, MD
Sherry Nykiel, MD
Richard Pillard, MD
Linda Piwowarczyk, MD, MPH
Wendy Qiu, MD
Nadia V Quijije, MD
Asma Rashid, MD
John Renner, MD
Daniel Shaw, MD
Chris Streeter, MD
Eugene Uzogara, MD

Child Psychiatrist

Natalija Bogdanovic, MD
Michelle Durham, MD
Lisa Fortuna, MD
Donald Gair, MD
Dana Rubin, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Michael A. Grodin, MD
Professor of Ethics and Human Rights, Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

Mental Health Counselor

Paul Brown, MA
Gretchen Carleton, MEd
Donald Carrier, LMHC
Tasha Ferguson, LMHC
Susan Galvin, LNHC
Janelle Hickey, LMHC
Ben Linsky, MSW
Laurent Lukanda, MA
Kim Phan, MA
Mary Ann Rapoza, LMHC
Samantha Regan, MA
Matthew Salch, LMHC
Robert Sheridan, LMHC
Laura Wilhelm, LMHC


Laura Goldstein, PsyD (Child & Adolescent)
Stephen Brady, PhD
Jori Berger-Greenstein, PhD
Kermit Crawford, PhD
Eric Devine, PhD
Leslie Fishman, PhD
Shamaila Khan, PhD
Conan Kornetsky, PhD
Paul Koppenhaver, PhD
Lovern Moseley, PhD (Child & Adolescent)
Vivian Perez, PhD
Keneisha Sinclair-McBride, PhD (Fellow) (Child & Adolescent)
Robert Sokolove, PhD
Ryan Watson, PsyD
Andrea Weiss, PsyD

Social Worker

Samuel Alemayheu, LICSW
Daphne Algaze, LCSW
Kevin Barboza, LICSW
John Bell, LICSW
Meghan Brett, LCSW
Judith Bello, LICSW
Edwige Berrouet, LICSW 
Abbie Duger, LICSW
Karen Fink, LICSW
Alicia Flanagan, LCSW
Kathleen Flinton, LICSW
Kelly Fournier, LICSW
Cindy M. Gordon, LICSW
Roscoe Gorham, LICSW
Andrea Hall, LICSW
Colleen Hogan, LCSW
Isabel Kilfoyle, BSW
Lisa Mangianello, LICSW
Lisa Moris, LICSW
Maria Neves, LCSW
Charlotte Parker, LICSW
Karen Pepe, BSW
Jennifer Previti, LICSW
Michelle Prive, LICSW
Helena Rocha, LICSW
Felicia Rodney-Osbourne, LCSW
Dana Rous, LICSW
Enin Rudel, MSW
Ana Dora Scanlan, LCSW
Gailo Senno, LCSW
Joanne Sewell. LICSW
Mildred Sheppard, LCSW
Shayna Smallwood, LCSW
Jane Sulick, LICSW
Suzanne Vitt, LICSW

Registered Nurse

Ana Maria Valdebenito, MSN

Psychiatric Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Shalisha Crouch, NP
Nancy Crouse, RNCS
Brianne Fitzgerald, NP
Kathleen Fuentes, RNCS
Maria Gianen, NP
Michael O’Connor, NP
Hannah Severns, NP
Ellen Sinnott RNCS, RNCS

Nurse Practicioners

Carol Anne Marchetti, NP 
Kiki Venios, NP 


Call: 617.414.4238


24 Hour On-Call Service

(request the Psychiatrist on call)


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