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Pulmonary and Allergy Clinic staff have taken part in numerous local and national research studies concerning current questions in asthma and allergy. Specifically, Suzanne Steinbach and Lois Doerr worked on the NIH-sponsored Inner-City Asthma Study project which showed that home allergen control reduces asthma symptoms for inner-city children and that better communication between physicians and families about asthma symptoms improves asthma control as well.  Related publications include:

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9. Gruchalla R, Pongracic J, Plaut M, Evans R, Visness C, Walter M, Crain E, Kattan M, Morgan W, Steinbach S, Stout J, Malindzak G, Smartt E, Mitchell H.  Inner City Asthma Study: relationships among sensitivity, allergen exposure and asthma morbidity.
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10. Kattan M, Crain E, Steinbach S, Visness C, et al.  A randomized clinical trial of clinician feedback to improve quality of care for inner-city children with asthma

11. Gruchalla, Sampson, Matsui, Steinbach et al. Predicting asthma morbidity in inner-city residents with asthma.  Role of FeNO and other factors. Accepted for publication in Pediatrics

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