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Selected Publications

  • Bornstein, M.H., Vibbert, M., Tal, J., & O’Donnell, K. (1992). Toddler language and play in the second year: Stability, covariation, and influences of parenting. First Language, 12, 323-338.

  • Chase C., Vibbert M., Pelton, S.I., Coulter, D.L., & Cabral, H. (1995) Early neurodevelopmental growth in children with vertically transmitted HIV infection.  Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 149, 850-855.Chiriboga, C., Vibbert M., Malouf, R., Suarez, M., Abrams, E., Heagarty, M., Brust, J., & Hauser, W.A. (1995). Neurological correlates of fetal cocaine exposure: Transient hypertonia of infancy and early childhood. Pediatrics, 96(6), 1070-1077.

  • Jean-Louis, E., St. Louis, G. R., Antoine, B., Piton, J., Melchior, L., & Huba G. (2003, November). Culturally-competent mental health services for HIV-infected Haitians living in Boston, MA. Presentation delivered at the 131st Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, San Francisco, CA.

  • Melchior, L., Jean-Louis, E., St. Louis, G. R., Antoine, B., Manigat, E., Piton, J., Florestal, M., Sylvain, C., & Huba G. (2004, August). Mental health service model for Haitian immigrants living with HIV/AIDS. Poster presented at the 2004 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI.

  • Remy, G. (1996).  Haitian immigrants and African-American relations: Ethnic dilemmas in a racially-stratified society. Trotter Review, 10(1), 13-16.

  • Remy, G. (1995).  Ethnic minorities and mental health: Ethical concerns in counseling immigrants and culturally-diverse groups. Trotter Review, 9(1), 13-16.

  • Spieth, L., Harnish, J., McIntosh, K., Vibbert, M., St. Louis, G. R., & Pelton, S. (1999, November). Promoting medication adherence in pediatric HIV. In S. A. Safren (Chair), Adherence to HIV antiretroviral medications: Application of cognitive-behavioral theory and intervention. Symposium conducted at the 33rd annual convention of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, Toronto, Canada.

  • Spieth, L., Harnish, J., Masek, B., McIntosh, K., Vibbert, M., Lewis, K., St. Louis, G. R., & Pelton, S. (1999, April). Promoting medication adherence in very young children with HIV infection. Paper presented at the 7th Florida Conference on Child Health Psychology, Gainesville, FL.

  • St. Louis, G. R., & Liem, J. H. (2005). Ego identity, ethnic identity, and the psychosocial well-being of ethnic minority and majority college students. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 5(3), 227-246.

  • St. Louis, G., Jean-Louis, E., Piton, J., Antoine, B., Melchior, L., & Huba, G.  (2005, April). Addressing the health care needs of Haitians in Massachusetts:  The case of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Presentation delivered at the Annual Conference of the New England Regional Minority Health Committee, Portland, ME.

  • St. Louis, G., Cheezum, R.R., Madison, A., Jean-Louis, E., & Metayer, N. (2005, June 14). HIV prevention among immigrant Haitian women: Findings from the Metro Boston Haitian REACH 2010 Project. Poster presented at the National HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, GA.

  • St. Louis, G. R., Jean-Louis, E., Veillard, J. M., Thimoleon, M. K., LaForest, M., Bonhometre, C., & Carlson, E. (2003, July). A culturally-oriented HIV prevention program for Haitian women. Poster presented at the National HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, GA. 

  • St. Louis, G. R. (2002, February). Perinatally-infected teens: Living beyond the odds. Presented at the 9th Annual Ryan White National Youth Conference on HIV and AIDS, Washington, D.C. 

  • Vibbert, M., Lewis, K., St. Louis, G. R., Linn, S., Pelton, S. I., Spieth, L., Harnish, J., Masek, B., Raezer, L., & McIntosh, K. (2000, April). Intervention techniques for establishing medication compliance among children with HIV/AIDS. Poster presented at the Millennium Conference of the Great Lakes Society of Pediatric Psychology: Practice, Research, and Policy Concerning Interventions with Pediatric Populations, Cleveland, OH.

  • Vibbert, M., & St. Louis, G. R. (2000, April). Sexuality in adolescents with HIV infection. Presented at the Meeting on Sexuality and Adolescents: An HIV Workshop. The Northeast Pediatric HIV Task Force and The Merrimack Valley Area Health Education Center, Tewksbury, MA.

  • Vibbert, M. & Serwanga, R. (2005) Co-contributor of chapter entitled ‘Disclosure in Children’ in Rabkin, M, El-Sadr, W., & Abrams, E., The Columbia Clinical Manual:  Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Resource-Limited Settings, International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. 

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