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General Training Programs

Although no one would ever wish a child to suffer a loss, the Good Grief Program's premise is that in the crisis of loss lies an opportunity for developing and strengthening coping skills in all children. If young people can accomplish the four psychological tasks of understanding, grieving, commemorating and going on, then their grief can be "good grief", one that actually empowers them to cope with future losses. Although our training takes us into a variety of settings, our principal work is assisting schools; that is, training teachers and assisting teams in developing crisis protocols or plans of action before a loss occurs.

As you plan your school training calendar, remember that the Good Grief Program specializes in tailoring our workshops to fit your particular school's needs. As always, our staff at the Good Grief Program is available to assist your staff on site should a school or community crisis arise.

Good Grief Program Training Workshop Offerings

Workshop I
Good Grief in the Classroom: strategies for the classroom teacher to help students cope with death, divorce and difficult times

Workshop II
Crisis Team Training: complete crisis response plan for coping with a school community loss

Workshop III
The Child with Special Needs: The Grief that Keeps Giving

Workshop IV
HELP! Strategies for Working with Parents of children with Special Needs that Work!

Workshop V
GOOD GRIEF! A kids’ support group when bad things happen
Everything you need to know to facilitate a school-based support group
For school counselors - upon request

Workshop VI
The CIRCLE! A Comprehensive Family Support Program
Everything you need to know about the development of a comprehensive family support Program based on the CIRCLE.

Workshop VII
Helping Children and Adolescents Cope in an Uncertain World
How to help children thrive in a fast-paced world that challenges even adults’ coping skills.  Strategies that promote resilience in a global, technologically savvy world, faced with the threat of terrorism, economic strife and global changes will be considered.

PTO Programs

PTO Lecture I
Helping Children Develop Resilience as They Cope with LIFE's stresses!
Welcoming a new baby, not making the soccer team, kids in the middle of divorce, when bodies change, putting Rover to sleep, grandpa's sick, etc.

PTO Lecture II
The Agonies and Ecstasies of Parenting Adolescents
Insights and Strategies for Promoting Resilience in Teens, as they hit the speed bumps that are a part of growing up.

"I found the evening quite informative and affirming! I learned about do-able strategies I could go home and start using that can and will create opportunities for my children and teens to become more resilient as they face what Trozzi refers to as ‘inevitable speed bumps of growing up!”
A father of 15-year old twins

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Fax: 617.414.7915

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Boston Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics
Good Grief Program
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