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General Training Programs – PTO Lecture II

Parent/Community Evening: The Agonies And Ecstasies Of Parenting Adolescents

"Mom, get out of my life… but first,
will you take me and Melissa to the mall?"

This confusing but familiar line dramatically defines the ambivalent and often difficult struggle teens and their parents face during adolescence.

Maria Trozzi will explore these normal developmental stresses that adolescents face as they lose their childhood and move towards adulthood. Often, adolescents are required to cope with any number of situations, ranging from when Barry breaks up with Susan (even if they "went out" for only days….or hours!), being on the outside of the "in" group, not making the varsity soccer team, leaving the safety and familiarity of the middle school or not getting into their chosen college. At times, the problems seem overwhelming and the solutions seem out of reach for both teens and their parents.

  • How can parents and other caring adults help?
  • When should they get involved?
  • When is it interference?
  • What techniques generally stop communication?
  • What approaches work most of the time?

And, given the lives of dual working parents, hectic schedules for both parents and kids, and few if any opportunities for "family time," what real life strategies can adults employ that create a base of support for their teens during the many crises they face?

Finally, what specific tools can parents use that will ultimately have the greatest impact on their teens' lives – to assess the many risks that alcohol, drugs and sex present to our teens and assist them to move beyond their peer group's influence to make safe choices?

Maria Trozzi combines insight, research findings, experience in parenting two teens and humor in her talk to parents and other adults who care about teens!

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