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Pediatrics – Good Grief Program


Middle and High School Trainings

When was the last time your Crisis Team updated its training? Has your team changed since your training?

Can you point to a written Commemoration Policy in your Plan? One that suggests how to commemorate, educate but not glorify a student suicide? Even if there’s pressure from parents in the community?

How do you know if you’re not doing enough? Too much? When your students are facing stressful life events, such as family illness, a divorce or a parent out of work, do you know the best practice for helping that child be able to learn in your classroom?

Children’s developmental paths are often challenged by life’s bumps in the road. Our workshops give teachers and specialists the tools and strategies to gently guide children over the bumps so that they can learn.

Workshop I
Good Grief in the Classroom – Building Resilience in Students Facing Losses

Learn specific classroom strategies to help students at each developmental age understand and cope with change, loss, transitions and crisis. Practical and informative at elementary, middle and high school levels.

Workshop II
Crisis Team Training – Includes Crisis Plan

This is a must for teams that haven’t been trained recently. Our researched, tested approach is hands-on, consensus building and skill-enhancing; it prepares your team for giving leadership to staff, parents and students when it’s most needed.

Workshop III
For Guidance Counselors: What Can I Do? Student Counseling Revisited!

As we reflect on the stream of students with “issues” whom you help daily, let’s explore strategies that truly build resilience and empower your students… even in 15 minute encounters. An opportunity to look at your role and the eternal triangle of teacher, student and parent.

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