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Pediatrics – MA Center for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Patient Information – Learning About SIDS:  FAQs

Seeking Support

Continuing Support for Parents

Bereaved parents find themselves suddenly dealing with counselors, members of the clergy, medical and public health professionals, law enforcement personnel, and emergency responders as well as neighbors and others in the community. The support of many people is important during the bereavement period. But, at times, a parent may feel overwhelmed and resentful that these people are involved in his or her private life, and the life of the family.

New bereaved parents may find it helpful to talk about the baby and express feelings of grief within a group of people with similar experiences. The suddenness and unexpectedness of a SIDS death makes it especially difficult, leaving parents with a great sense of loss, a need for understanding, and a need to know what has happened. Family members and professionals directly involved with bereaved parents, and even others in the community, are often left with a deep sadness and feeling that something should have been able to prevent the death. But, at this time, SIDS cannot be prevented and researchers are still unclear about its causes.

Right now, the best vehicle we have is to educate and inform ourselves, families and friends concerning the facts about SIDS. If you know anyone who has lost a baby to SIDS or who wants more information about SIDS, please suggest that they contact us and/or attend an upcoming parent support group meeting.

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