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Buteyko Breathing Techniques for Patients

If you have asthma, nasal symptoms, snoring and sleep apnea or stress and anxiety, you probably have disturbed breathing patterns and our Buteyko Breathing Techniques can help you.

What is the Buteyko Breathing Method?

The innovative Buteyko Breathing Method consists of breathing exercises specially designed to restore normal breathing patterns combined with principles about physical exercise, food and sleeping as they relate to healthy breathing habits. Buteyko provides a safe, simple, and natural means of reducing the symptoms of asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, sleep apnea, hyperventilation syndrome, panic attacks, bronchiectasis, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, and other stress-related diseases. Buteyko has been clinically tested and proven to be effective for asthma.

Do you take asthma medication, yet still have asthma symptoms?
Are you concerned about taking more medication than you like?
Does your asthma, sinus, sleep apnea, anxiety, etc, affect your lifestyle and make you miss work/school?


What Can Buteyko Do for Me?

  • Reduce your symptoms of asthma, sleep apnea, hyperventilation attacks, snoring, sinusitis, hayfever, allergies, anxiety, and breathlessness
  • Reduce or eliminate your medications dramatically
  • Improve productivity and reduce absences from work
  • Give you improved performance in sport
  • Allow you to return to beloved activities, foods and places you had given up

Buteyko Breathing Course Runs Every Thursday for 5 Consecutive Weeks

Each session lasts 2 hours and you will have to practice breathing exercises at home during and after the course for a few weeks.

Location:  725 Albany Street, Shapiro Building, 9th floor, Pulmonary / Allergy Department
Instructor:  Hadas Golan, speech pathologist
Register by calling:  Summyyah James:  617.414.4899

For questions you may contact the instructor, Hadas Golan, at 617.414.1768 or email hadas.golan@bmc.org
To schedule individual evaluation session, please call 617.638.8124.

If waiting time is longer than 3 weeks for individual appointments call Summyyah James at 617.414.4899 and register for the course.

More information about the Buteyko method can be found at, www.breatheon.com and on the Buteyko breathing educators association:  http://www.buteykoeducators.org/


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