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Orthopaedic Surgery


Joint Reconstruction

Modern joint replacements are some of the most successful surgeries in all of medicine. The goal of hip and knee replacement surgery is to restore pain-free motion of the joint. At Boston Medical Center, the decision to have a joint replacement surgery is a cooperative one made by you and your orthopedic surgeon.

While the primary reasons for surgery are to relieve pain, restore function, improve mobility, improve quality of life and correct limb deformity, there are no absolute age restrictions to joint replacement. The decision for surgery includes your disease, overall health and symptoms. You may consider joint replacement when medication, changes in your everyday activities and ambulatory aids (canes) are no longer helpful.

BMC’s highly experienced surgical team has an excellent record of successful hip and knee surgeries so you can get back to the activities you enjoy.

Joint Replacement

If surgery is the preferred option, BMC’s nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in replacing all major joints including:

Osteoarthritis of the hip (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org)
Osteoarthritis of the knee (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org) 
Shoulder joint replacement (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org) 
Total hip replacement (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org) 
Total knee replacement (http://orthoinfo.aaos.org)
Revision total hip arthroplasty
Revision total knee arthroplasty


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