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The Midwives at BMC 

What is a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM)?

Certified nurse-midwives are educated at the master’s degree level to provide women’s health care. We specialize in care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We also provide family planning methods and routine health care for women. Midwives believe pregnancy and birth can be normal and empowering events in the life of a woman. We strive to provide personalized, respectful care for each client. For more information about certified nurse-midwives go to http://ourmomentoftruth.midwife.org/

What Do Midwives Do?

  • Help you to give birth normally and the way you choose
  • Recognize problems in pregnancy and labor and refer you to specialists when you need them
  • Have healthy mothers and healthy babies. In 2012, women cared for by midwives at BMC had:
    o  A cesarean birth rate of 13%
    o  50% of women with a previous cesarean tried to have a vaginal birth, 78% succeeded
    o  97% of babies did not need special care  (better than average for healthy pregnancies)
  • Offer medication and epidurals if you want them
  • Offer support and encouragement if you choose to give birth without pain medicine
  • Work as a team with obstetricians, family medicine physicians and perinatologists
  • Refer you to our Birth Sisters Program for extra community doula support.
  • Give free pregnancy education and information through our “Hey Mama!” Patient Guides, Centering Pregnancy program and Childbirth Education program

Who Should Have a Midwife?

All healthy women may be offered midwifery care.  At Boston Medical Center, our special team approach on labor and delivery allows any woman with a low-risk pregnancy to receive care by either a midwife or a family physician. Women with high-risk pregnancies are cared for in labor by obstetricians, who are experts at complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Some women may especially benefit from a midwife, including women who:

  • View pregnancy and birth as a normal process. They will match well with midwifery’s expertise in normal childbearing.
  • Desire midwifery care and have moderate medical risk factors. These women may receive care from both a midwife and a doctor.
  • Want extra time and attention at their prenatal visits, including first time mothers and anyone who wants additional support and information.

Meet the Midwives

Join us this year on four special occasions to meet the Midwives at Boston Medical Center who have been providing safe and loving care to new mothers for more than 35 years.

Specializing in care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, the midwives will host an informal discussion in Menino Conference Rooms B&C from 5-6:30pm, taking questions from expecting parents and those planning a pregnancy, guiding them through the services that are provided at BMC and offering a tour of the hospital’s labor and delivery suite and lovely all private-room postpartum unit.

Refreshments will be provided.

Additionally, childbirth classes are held multiple times a week at BMC and help you know what to expect during labor and birth. For more information, visit our Childbirth Education  page.

Meet the Midwives Event Date

February 29, 2016

Who are the BMC Certified Nurse-Midwives?

Somphit Chinkam, CNM, MPH

Somphit speaks Thai and provides midwifery as well as gynecology care at Whittier Street Health Center and Yawkey OB/GYN Associates. She has a special interest in vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and global women’s health. 

Thamarah Crevecoeur, CNM, MSN

Thamy speaks Haitian Creole and French. She provides prenatal care at Codman Square Health Center and Mattapan Community Health Center. She has a special interest in global women’s health.

Nancy Davidson, CNM, MSN

Nancy speaks Spanish and has been a midwife for over 18 years. She enjoys working on labor and delivery and in our triage area for pregnant women. She has a special interest in supporting women in normal childbirth.

Rosha Forman, CNM, MSN

Rosha provides prenatal care at Dorchester House Multi-Service Center. She has a special interest in contraception, postpartum depression and supporting women in their choices for birth. 

Cecilia Torres Girard, CNM

Cecilia is a native Spanish speaker and provides prenatal care at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and the Yawkey OB/GYN Latina Clinic. She has a special interest in Latina women’s health.

Marie Kourtelidis, CNM, MSN

Marie was born and raised in Puerto Rico, she came to the US to study midwifery. She spends her time on the labor and postpartum maternity floors where she enjoys attending births and teaching midwifery skills to residents and medical students.

Julie Lundman, CNM, MSN

Julie provides prenatal care at Whittier Street Health Center, Boston Medical Center Adolescent Center, and Codman Square Health Center. Julie enjoys providing Centering Group Prenatal Care, where women can come together and share stories and information.

Rachel Marino, CNM, MSN

Rachel speaks Spanish, French and Haitian Creole in addition to providing prenatal care at Yawkey OB/GYN Associates. She spent several years in the Peace Corps working with women and has a special interest in providing high quality care for immigrant women.

Annie Massed, CNM, MPH

Annie provides prenatal care at Yawkey OB/GYN Associates. She has a special interest in aromatherapy and has developed guidelines for using aromatherapy in the Birth Center at Boston Medical Center.

Beth Monahan, CNM, MPH

Beth speaks basic Spanish and provides prenatal care at Codman Square Health Center and at Yawkey OB/GYN Associates. She is the Director of Centering Group Medical Visits and has developed programs at BMC and consulted in the development of programs in the neighborhood health centers.

Julie Mottl-Santiago, CNM, MPH

Julie speaks Spanish and French, providing prenatal care at the Yawkey OB/GYN Associates RESPECT program for addiction and pregnancy. She is also the Director of Midwifery Services.

Kari Radoff, CNM, WHNP, MSN

Kari speaks Spanish and provides prenatal care at East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. She spent a year in Nicaragua creating a radio soap-opera to help women learn about how to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Dona Rodrigues, CNM, MPH

Dona speaks Cape Verdean Criollo and has provided prenatal care at Upham’s Corner Health Center for 16 years. Dona is the Director of the Birth Sisters Program.

Catherine Walker, CNM, MPH

Catherine has provided prenatal care at Yawkey OB/GYN Associates for over 17 years. She has a special interest in providing personalized care to all women.


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