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Clinical trials are designed to answer questions about drugs, devices, therapies, or new ways of using known treatments. The variety of therapies being studied range from new BMC's Ob-Gyn group ensures the highest ethical standards when conducting clinical trials. pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to post-market surveillance of already FDA approved drugs and devices. To insure the highest ethical standards are maintained the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for oversight of all studies. Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Boston University conducts and supports clinical studies of conditions and treatments relevant to women.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical study or to learn more about the clinical trials being conducted at the Obstetrics and Gynecology please e-mail  infoFP@bmc.org

Role of Chlamydia species in preterm birth and placental dysfunction

More than half a million babies are born prematurely each year in the U.S. While survival rates for these babies have improved, many remain with long-term health problems. Most cases of premature delivery are unexplained, but it is believed that silent infection in the placenta may play a role. We want to determine if Chlamydia trachomatis, the most bacterial sexually transmitted infection, plays any role in premature birth. If so, then changes in screening and treatment of pregnant women for this infection could decrease the number of premature babies.  In this study we will enroll pregnant women in the second trimester study. At the time of their delivery, we will determine if women who deliver prematurely are more likely to have evidence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection compared to women who deliver full term. We will test urine for Chlamydia trachomatis around the time of delivery using a standard clinical diagnostic test, and examine  placental tissue for evidence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection and an inflammatory response. Finally, we will also examine the immune response of primary placental cells (cytotrophoblasts) to Chlamydia infection in cell culture.


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