Androgen Clinical Research Unit
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition
PI: Shalender Bhasin, MD
Study Name Study Coordinator Phone Number Study Description

The Role of 5 Alpha Reductase in Mediating Testosterone Actions (5AR)

Pierre Daou (617) 414-2935 Study on the effects of testosterone and a related hormone in the body in healthy men ages 18-50.
Testosterone Dose Response on Surgically Menopausal Women (TDSM) Amanda Paley (617) 638-8616 Study on how 3 different doses of a testosterone cream affect the levels of testosterone in the blood system of women ages 18-55 whom have had their ovaries removed.
Testosterone Modulation of Response to Phosphodieterose (TED) Amanda Paley (617) 638-8616 Study on whether the combination of testosterone and Viagra is more effective for treating erectile dysfunction than Viagra by itself in men ages 40-70.
Testosterone Effects on Atherosclerosis in Aging Men (TEAAM) Emma Pinjic (617) 414-2941 Study on the role of long-term testosterone replacement therapy and its effects on cardiovascular health in men over 60 years old.
Testosterone Supplementation for Men with Sacrcopenia (TOM) Newsha Lajevardi (617) 414-1887 Study examines whether increasing testosterone levels in men 65 yrs and older, with low levels of testosterone & have difficulty climbing stairs, increases their muscle strength, leading to better physical functioning and mood.