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Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program


In 2010, Boston Medical Center (BMC) received a $2.2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to launch a Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program (MB-CCOP). The BMC MB-CCOP allows practicing oncologists who serve large racial and ethnic minority populations to participate in NCI-sponsored clinical trials. Its main purpose is to ensure that all minority cancer patients have the ability to have access to cutting edge clinical trials and top-quality medical care.

Thanks to culturally sensitive outreach, recruitment, enrollment and retention, minorities currently account for 50% of the enrollments onto BMC’s interventional cancer clinical trials.

With help from the NCI grant, BMC has placed Patient Navigators (experts trained to help patients overcome their barriers to care) at four of the hospital’s affiliated Community Health Centers (CHCs):

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Our oncologists are looking for minorities to participate in NCI-sponsored clinical trials.These CHC Patient Navigators identify and facilitate referral of appropriate patients to BMC for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and assist them with any barriers they may have in keeping appointments. Once at BMC, cancer-specific patient navigators work with staff including physicians, research nurses and the research team to ensure that all patients have access to clinical research in cancer prevention, control and treatment. When a patient is interested or referred for a clinical trial, BMC health care professionals assess patients for eligibility for clinical trials, educate patients about the trials and, once enrolled ensure compliance with clinical protocols.

Enhancing access to clinical trials across the cancer care continuum, from prevention through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, adds another dimension to the quality of cancer care BMC currently provides it patients.

Boston Medical Center is committed to offering our minority patients the opportunity to participate in NCI-sponsored clinical trials and the most current research advancements in cancer prevention, control and treatment practices. The MB-CCOP grant supports these efforts to improve minority access to clinical trials.

For complete listing of available clinical trials visit the Cancer Research Center’s Clinical Trials website.