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Boston Medical Center’s Exhibits and Health Screenings

Alcohol Risk Screening | Booth 903d
How would you describe your drinking habits?
Take a brief survey to assess your drinking behavior. BMC medical staff will be on hand to talk with visitors who want to make improvements.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s General Internal Medicine Department, visit its website — www.bmc.org/primarycare   

American Parkinson Disease Association | Booth 1213
Boston Medical Center has a national reputation for excellence in the clinical management of Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.
In fact, BMC is pleased to host an American Parkinson Disease Association Information & Referral Center on the BMC campus. BMC’s multidisciplinary team is comprised of movement disorder neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurse specialists, social workers, and researchers.

Basic Health Check | Booth 903a
Does it seem that health guidelines are always changing?
Take this opportunity to review current guidelines—including screenings and immunizations based on your age, gender and any conditions you may have—with a BMC-affiliated provider.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s affiliated Primary Care practices, BU Affiliated Physicians, visit their website — www.bmc.org/affiliated-physicians.htm      

Be a Brain Surgeon | Booth 1312
This unique exhibit allows you to search through a dollhouse to find specific items using endoscopes, slender optical instruments surgeons use
to examine inner parts of the body with attached instruments for surgery.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Neurosurgery, visit its website — www.bmc.org/neurosurgery  

Blood Pressure Screening | Booth 903c
High blood pressure can be a “silent” disease, going unrecognized by those who have it. Have a blood pressure screening
and learn more about the risks associated with hypertension. BMC medical staff will be on hand to discuss your blood pressure results.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s General Internal Medicine Department, visit its website — www.bmc.org/primarycare  

Bone Density Screening for Osteoporosis | Booth 1018
Could you be at risk for osteoporosis?
Have a bone density screening to learn more about your bone health.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Division of Endocrinology, visit its website — www.bmc.org/endocrinology     

BMC HealthNet Plan | Booth 404 and 748
Boston Medical Center (BMC) HealthNet Plan is a not-for-profit managed care organization serving over 275,000 members across Massachusetts
, offering MassHealth (Medicaid), or Commonwealth Care health insurance coverage, or commercial (Employer Choice/Commonwealth Choice). The Plan offers comprehensive coverage and personal physicians who provide care for the whole family; interpreter services, a personal membership card and a 24-hour nurse advice.

BMC HealthNet Plan’s MassHealth plan has been named one of the top ten Medicaid health plans in America according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)’s Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2010-2013 and U.S. News/NCQA America’s Best Health Insurance Plans 2009-2010.

Boston HealthNet – BMC’s Health Center Network | Booths 750, 752, 754
Boston Medical Center is affiliated with 14 health centers throughout Boston’s neighborhoods. Learn more about the health center in your community.

Boston University’s Sargent College | Booth 1307
Are you eating healthy?
Have a brief nutrition assessment and get information about eating right. Visitors can also have their posture checked, learn stretching techniques and find out about arthritis.

For more information about Boston University’s College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences–Sargent College, visit its website — www.bu.edu/sargent

Breastfeeding Lounge | Booth 764
A private breastfeeding area for nursing moms.

Breast Health | Booth 1003
Mammography is the single most effective method to detect breast changes, long before physical symptoms can be seen or felt.
Assess your risk for breast cancer and learn how to navigate the changes in breast cancer screening guidelines to establish a healthy routine that’s right for you. Routine mammograms can detect cancer early, providing you with more treatment options and a chance for a full recovery. Take a closer look at the mammography imaging technology and breast demonstration models. Also, if you are due for a mammogram, you can make an appointment at the Expo for a mammography screening at Boston Medical Center.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Belkin Breast Imaging Center, visit its website — www.bmc.org/breastimaging.htm    

Cancer Support Services | Booth 1208 and 1210
BMC’s Cancer Support Services and Social Work departments help patients cope with a cancer diagnosis.
Learn about various services at this exhibit, such as support groups, activities geared toward sharing special interests and hobbies, integrative medicine services, and special events and programs. There will be a survivor circle seating area with stress management information, guided exercise and materials on cancer support topics.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Cancer Support Services Program and Social Work Department, visit their websites, www.bmc.org/cancer and www.bmc.org/socialwork   

Dental Health & Cancer Screening | Booth 1118
Having a healthy mouth and teeth is important to your overall health.
Receive a dental and oral cancer screening from Boston University School of Dental Medicine providers, and learn more about how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Before you leave, pick up a free toothbrush!

For more information about Boston University Dental Health Center, visit its website — www.budentalcenter.com

Diabetes Health Risk Assessment | Booth 903b
Could you be at risk for diabetes?
Take a brief series of baseline screenings and surveys to evaluate your risk, and have an opportunity to meet with a Boston Medical Center provider to discuss your results.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Family Medicine Department, visit its website — www.bmc.org/familymedicine    

Diabetic Foot Exams | Booth 1020
Get important information about diabetes and its risks,
and receive a diabetic foot exam from experienced medical specialists.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Diabetes Services Department and Division of Podiatry Surgery, visit their websites — www.bmc.org/diabetes and www.bmc.org/podiatry      

Digestive Health | Booth 1011
Walk through the Super Colon to get acquainted with your digestive system
from the inside, and learn about gastrointestinal disorders, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome. Also learn what you can do to prevent colon cancer. BMC specialists will be on hand to answer your questions.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Center for Digestive Disorders, visit its website — www.bmc.org/CDD 

Ear Health & Screening | Booth 1203
Receive middle and inner ear screenings to find out if your ear health is where it should be.
Learn more about hearing loss and other disorders that affect the ears.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Otolaryngology and its Division of Audiology, visit their website — www.bmc.org/otolaryngology     
Glaucoma Screening | Booth 1302
Glaucoma, which is caused by increased pressure in the eye, can lead to permanent loss of vision.
Learn more about the condition and what you can do to prevent it. Start by having a glaucoma screening provided by Boston Medical Center eye specialists.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Ophthalmology, visit its website — www.bmc.org/ophthalmology.htm    

Heart Health & PAD Assessment | Booth 907
Is your heart healthy?
Learn about the importance of tracking important numbers and risk factors for heart disease using information and assessments from the American Heart Association. Complete a questionnaire, and talk with medical specialists from BMC if you think you have symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Center, visit its website — www.bmc.org/cardiovascularcenter   

Injury Prevention and Distracted Driving Simulator | Booth 1308 and 1311Learn to prevent injuries in your daily life. Take a spin in the fun and educational texting and driving simulator, learn how to properly install a car seat and take part in a helmet fitting clinic—with helmet giveaways!

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Injury Prevention Program and Trauma Center, visit its website — www.bmc.org/trauma             

Integrative Medicine – Massage & Acupuncture | Booth 1105
Integrative medicine combines the best of conventional medicine with safe, effective, evidence-based complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage and yoga.
At this exhibit, enjoy a seated chair massage or have an introductory acupuncture treatment. Integrative medicine nurses will provide information about holistic health topics, and guided relaxation CDs will be given as prizes to lucky visitors!

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Program for Integrative Medicine, visit its website — www.bmc.org/integrative-medicine.htm              

Interpreter Services | Booth 912
We speak many languages at Boston Medical Center, and will offer interpreter services at BMC’s booth.
Interpreters will speak Spanish, Portuguese and Haitian Creole, and communicate in American Sign Language. Interactive interpreter units, called My Accessible Real Time Trusted Interpreter (MARTTI), which allow users to communicate with an interpreter in a variety of languages, will also be available to visitors.

Kid’s Health | Booth 919
Kids big and small will enjoy fun, healthy activities—like an oversized Operation game, a pack-a-snack station, an obstacle course and a jump rope clinic.
Kids can have their fitness, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) tested, and more! Not to be missed by kids of any age.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics, visit its website — www.bmc.org/pediatrics    

Living Healthy Forum | Booth 768    
BMC doctors will be talking about current health trends and issues
as well as what they will mean for you and your family. View Schedule.

Lung Health & Pulmonary Screenings | Booth 1109
Get information on respiratory care, smoking cessation and lung surgery.
Take a series of noninvasive breathing tests, such as pulmonary (lung) function and carbon monoxide tests and more. Information about quitting smoking, lung cancer and treatment at BMC will be available.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine Practice and Division of Thoracic Surgery, visit their websites — http://bmc.org/pulmonary-criticalcare-allergy-sleep.htm and www.bmc.org/thoracicsurgery        

Men’s Health | Booth 1212
Visit the Men’s Health exhibit for materials and information on prostate cancer screening and other men’s health topics.
Educational models will be available to facilitate discussions. Interact with medical specialists who can answer questions on general health topics affecting men.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Urology, visit its website — www.bmc.org/urology.htm  

Nutrition, Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery | Booth 909
Learn about nutrition, healthy living and maintaining a healthy weight, and have your body mass index (BMI) checked.
Medical and surgical specialists will be on hand to discuss which weight management approach is best for you. Visitors can sign up to attend an information session about weight-loss surgery.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Nutrition and Weight Management Program and Weight Loss Surgery Program, visit their websites — www.bmc.org/nutritionweight and www.bmc.org/bariatricsurgery   

Orthopedic Surgery | Booth 1209
Our bones and joints are important to how our body works.
Learn about spine, wrist and hand surgery, total joint replacement and trauma surgery expertise at Boston Medical Center. View orthopedic models, surgery videos and have fun with a bean bag toss!

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, visit its website — www.bmc.org/orthopaedicsurgery    

Primary Care Appointment Booking | Booth 903
Having regular medical checkups with a primary care physician who knows you well is key to your long-term health.
Learn about Boston Medical Center’s primary care practices from pediatrics and family medicine to internal medicine and geriatrics. Make an appointment at the Expo for a primary care visit with a BMC physician and get on a path to good health.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Primary Care practices for patients of all ages, visit their website — www.bmc.org/pcp             

Ask a Pharmacist | Booth 914
Do you have questions about your medications?
BMC pharmacists will be ready to answer your questions or concerns at the Health & Fitness Expo. They will also be able to help you assess the effectiveness of a drug therapy you may be on, learn how to get the most from your medications and how to reduce the possibility of unwanted drug interactions. While you’re at the exhibit, ask about BMC’s outpatient pharmacy, which is conveniently located in the Shapiro Ambulatory Care Center on BMC’s South End campus and is open to the general public.

For more information about Boston Medical Center Pharmacy Services, including its Outpatient Pharmacy conveniently located on BMC’s South End campus, visit its website — www.bmc.org/pharmacy

Radiation Cancer Treatment | Booth 1113
Learn about the process of radiation treatment
and what makes Boston Medical Center exceptional in this field.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Radiation Oncology service, visit its website — www.bmc.org/radonc  

ReSPECT Registry for Clinical Research | Booth 746
Research volunteers are very important to the many medical discoveries that continue to make our lives better.
These medical discoveries could not have been made without research volunteers. If you have ever been interested in making a difference by participating in a clinical research study, visit the ReSPECT Registry exhibit, provide your information and be added to the research database. If your qualifications match the needs of a future study, you could be invited to participate.

For more information about the Boston University/Boston Medical Center ReSPECT Registry, visit its website — www.bumc.bu.edu/crro/recruitment/respect-registry/

Senior Health | Booth 910
Talk one-on-one with senior health experts from Boston Medical Center.
Get information about caring for aging parents and how to age healthfully yourself. Take the “Living to 100” test to see how you’re doing!

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Geriatrics Department, visit its website — www.bmc.org/geriatrics      

Skin Health & UV Skin Screening | Booth 1103
This exhibit will focus on your skin, the largest organ in your body, and how to protect it from cancer and other conditions.
Visitors can have a UV scan of their skin to identify damaged tissue, and there’ll be a special kids’ corner. Visitors will be invited to participate in research on aging, including a questionnaire and a computerized skin assessment.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Dermatology, visit its website — www.bmc.org/dermatology 

Sports Medicine | Booth 1205
Meet trainers and doctors from Boston Medical Center and the Ryan Center for Sports Medicine, the first multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic in Boston.
Have a baseline concussion screening, a musculoskeletal ultrasound evaluation and try out the Biodex balance machine.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Sports Medicine practice, visit its website — www.bu.edu/sportsmedicine    

Thyroid Health & Screening | Booth 1019
Learn about common thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer, and have a screening for thyroid nodules (growths).
Low-light thyroid ultrasounds performed by Boston Medical Center specialists will be available for more in-depth assessments of nodules.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Division of Endocrinology, Section of Surgical Endocrinology and Department of Otolaryngology, visit their websites — www.bmc.org/endocrinologywww.bmc.org/surgical-endocrinology.htm and www.bmc.org/otolaryngology     

Upper Digestive Health (Esophagus) | Booth 1009
Learn about some of the conditions and diseases that affect your esophagus, the passage that connects your mouth to your stomach, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), esophageal cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus.
If you have GERD take a questionnaire to assess the severity of your symptoms. See a demonstration of cryotherapy, a medical therapy that “freezes” cells and is used to treat a variety of conditions.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Center for Minimally Invasive Esophageal Therapies, visit its website — www.bmc.org/esophagealtherapies.htm         

Women’s Health & Maternity | Booth 1102
Learn about women’s health care needs, such as guidelines for annual health visits and long-term contraception options.
Meet Gabby, a shared decision making tool, that can help women learn more about reliable forms of birth control and choose a birth control option that’s right for them. Take the opportunity at the Expo to make an appointment with a BMC gynecologist.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Department of Family Medicine, visit their websites — www.bmc.org/obgyn and www.bmc.org/familymedicine

Maternity - planning to have a baby? This exhibit will help you plan for a healthy pregnancy. Learn about prenatal care, CenteringPregnancy, the Birth Sisters program and BMC’s status as a baby-friendly hospital. Meet BMC midwives, and take the opportunity at the Expo to make a prenatal appointment. Breastfeeding mothers can visit the BMC Breastfeeding Lounge in Booth 764 for some private, breastfeeding time with their babies.

For more information about Boston Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, visit its website — www.bmc.org/baby 


For a complete schedule of events, exhibits, speakers and celebrity appearances, please visit the official Health & Fitness Expo website, bostonhealthexpo.com



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