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Linda Brown

Resident Service Coordinator, Morville House

“ELAHP genuinely cares about the clients they serve and their clients are always treated with dignity and respect.”

For the past 21 years, Linda has been the Resident Service Coordinator for Morville House, a 176 unit subsidized housing building in the Fenway. Her clients are mainly low income elders, many of whom were placed there by ELAHP. “I have had the pleasure to work together with ELAHP case managers,” Linda explains, “in assisting residents to transition out of homelessness and into a supportive housing environment.” She goes on to say that, “Without the caring and expertise of these case managers, I don’t know if all these residents would have been successful. I have found ELAHP to be consistently responsible and always willing to go the extra mile.ELAHP genuinely cares about the clients they serve and their clients are always treated with dignity and respect.”

One important thing Linda learned by working closely with ELAHP case managers is that many of the clients who are placed in housing have had very difficult lives. Because of this, the management team has to be patient when a formerly homeless resident is settling in. The challenges these residents face and the histories of trauma they bring with them are very different from elders who have never experienced homelessness. “One of the residents who had been homeless for many, many years,” she remembers, “took about a year of my saying hello to him before finally he could look me in the eye and offer a greeting.Now he comes down to the building library nearly every day and is one of the residents that almost everyone knows.” 

Linda is the first person to tell you that it is not always an easy transition from being homeless to being housed. Challenges they face in housing are often not of their making and can be beyond their ability to control right away. Many have to “learn” how to live independently, in a building like Morville House. “ELAHP plays a big role in learning this process.” The management team, too, has to learn in order to make it work. “We have to understand residents’ stories and histories,” she says, “in order to assist them in transitioning to feeling that Morville House is their home and not just another room to live in.”

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