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CyberKnife System


How Does CyberKnife® Work

Because of its unsurpassed maneuverability and robotic design, CyberKnife can emit radiation from virtually any direction to conform to the unique shape of any tumor. This is significantly different from conventional radiation therapy that delivers more radiation to healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

Not only do the focused rays emitted from the CyberKnife System concentrate in each tumor, but they do so precisely with extreme accuracy less than one millimeter—similar to a pinpoint. As a result, larger and more effective doses of radiation can be administered over a much shorter period of time (typically one to five treatments) than with other radiation therapies (often six to eight weeks). CyberKnife also accomplishes this goal with very few radiation side effects.

The CyberKnife System uses the most advanced image guidance and computer-controlled robotics to detect any patient movement—such as breathing—and then immediately corrects the treatment delivery. This technology eliminates the need for an invasive head frame that bolts into the skull, thus increasing patient comfort.

Cyberknife can easily conform to the unique shape of any tumor.Watch an information video and learn why CyberKnife is unique.

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