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CyberKnife System

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Whereas conventional radiation delivery systems often provide pre-treatment image guidance with technologies such as image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and Cone Beam CT, CyberKnife® extends targeting accuracy beyond patient setup and maintains radiosurgical sub-millimeter accuracy throughout the entire treatment. Boston Medical Center has the newest, most advanced CyberKnife System in the region.

Continual Image Guidance Throughout the Treatment — Many tumors, even when immobilized, have proven to shift during treatment delivery. Using advanced robotic technology and continual image guidance, CyberKnife delivers unprecedented targeting accuracy. It provides the unique ability to automatically correct for intra-fraction target motion—without interrupting the treatment or having to reposition the patient.

Automated Non-Coplanar Treatment Delivery — Unconstrained by the clockwise/counter-clockwise gantry rotations of conventional radiotherapy systems, the robotic mobility of CyberKnife delivers automated non-coplanar treatments without clinician intervention or treatment interruption. This capability efficiently enables unrivaled conformality and dose gradient for treating even the most complex targets.

Beams Move in Real Time with 3D Respiratory Tumor Motion — Without the limitations of conventional respiratory gating and breath-holding techniques, CyberKnife delivers beams that move precisely with tumor motion throughout the respiratory cycle. By dramatically reducing the planning margins to only those that are clinically relevant, CyberKnife has been proven to provide healthy tissue preservation.

Advanced robotics and continual image guidance, CyberKnife delivers unprecedented accuracy.CyberKnife offers a complete robotic radiosurgery system.

Robotic Manipulator — The high-precision robotic manipulator is capable of delivering repeatable sub-millimeter accuracy, and positions the linear accelerator in virtually any direction.

Linear Accelerator — This compact, lightweight 6MV X-band linear accelerator with an output of 800 MU/min precisely delivers highly collimated beams of radiation.

X-Ray Sources — The low-energy x-ray sources generate orthogonal x-ray images to determine the location of bony landmarks, implanted fiducials or soft tissue targets throughout the treatment.

Image Detectors — The flush-mounted detectors capture high-resolution anatomical images throughout the treatment. These live images are continually compared to previously generated digital radiographs to determine real-time patient positioning and target location.

Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System — This tracking system continuously synchronizes beam delivery to the motion of the tumor, allowing clinicians to significantly reduce margins, while eliminating the need for gating or breath-holding techniques.

RoboCouch® Patient Positioning System — This robotic system precisely aligns patients with six degrees of freedom, enabling faster patient setup.

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