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BMC's Unique, Multidisciplinary Endocrine Oncology Clinic Transforms Patient Care

Boston Medical Center's Endocrine Oncology Clinic is transforming the treatment of a wide variety of endocrine diseases, including thyroid and parathyroid nodules and thyroid cancer, with its unique, multidisciplinary approach to care found nowhere else in the Boston area. Each patient receives customized treatment—tailored to efficiently diagnose and address his or her specific condition—from some of the most renowned physicians in the nation and the world. With nine endocrinology specialists with expertise in thyroid disease, BMC offers the largest thyroid group in Boston.

Our endocrinologists treat endocrine disorders and their expertise is in all aspects of thyroid disease, including thyroid cancer.
The clinic offers in-depth expertise in both ultrasound (the endocrine suite has a dedicated area for ultrasound) and ultrasound-guided biopsies.

Expert care. Both Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, director of the Thyroid Health Clinic in BMC's Section of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Diabetes, and Gerard Doherty, MD, an internationally renowned surgeon and surgeon-in-chief at BMC, are part of the team that developed national guidelines for the management of thyroid nodules and cancer. The endocrinology clinic provides the same exceptional level of expertise in treating other endocrine neoplasms, such as parathyroid tumors, adrenal tumors, pituitary adenomas and pancreatic tumors. The clinic also offers special expertise in non-oncology conditions of thyroid disease, including hyper- and hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroid disease, goiter and benign thyroid nodules and disorders of bone and calcium.

Patient-focused approach. BMC's thyroid and parathyroid program offers patients access to specialists who are committed to providing the most comprehensive care available. Our team approach, with multiple experts collaborating on the care of patients, translates into the highest level of care and convenience. Patients are able to see multiple specialists, including surgeons in some sessions, in one visit and in one location. Only one referral is needed. Many tests and procedures are performed in the clinic, which allows patients to receive results quickly and enables them, with their doctors, to make timely treatment decisions.

Innovative technologies and treatment options. Patients have access to advanced imaging at BMC, which includes SPECT/CT scans. The cutting-edge technology merges images from two scans—nuclear imaging with SPECT and CT—to provide more precise, three-dimensional information about the location of biologically active nodules, greatly improving the sensitivity and specificity of locating benign and malignant endocrine tumors. The clinic offers in-depth, state-of-the art expertise in both ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration biopsies. Patients who require radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer are able to receive it, as well as long-term follow up for tumor recurrence, in the Thyroid Health Clinic.   

Multidisciplinary collaboration. A distinguished, multidisciplinary team of experts in endocrinology, surgery, nuclear medicine, medical and radiation oncology and pathology—each a leader in his or her own field—collaborates when necessary on a personalized treatment plan for each patient. This integrated model of care, unlike any other program in the Boston area, provides the highest level of coordination, and yields exceptional care and convenience for patients.

Nine members of BMC's interdisciplinary team have been named among the country's top physicians in 2013 by U.S. News & World Report: Lewis Braverman, MD, Endocrinology; Gerard Doherty, MD, Surgery; Alan Farwell, MD, director of Endocrine Clinics; Michael Holick, PhD, MD, director of BMC's Bone Clinic, Endocrinology; Sharukh Jalisi, MD, director of the Division of Head and Neck Surgery and Skull Base Surgery; Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, director of the Thyroid Health Clinic in BMC's Section of Endocrinology, Nutrition and Diabetes; David McAneney, MD, Surgery; and Elizabeth Pearce, MD, Surgery.

Call BMC Connect at 877.781.4763 to learn more.

Learn more about BMC's Division of Endocrinology and Section of Surgical Endocrinology which, in collaboration with other specialties, create a unique, multidisciplinary setting where clinical excellence is at the core of exceptional patient care.

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