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In the News

Dr. Neelam Vashi Published in The Aestheticians Journal 

April 7, 2014 Dr. Neelam Vashi’s article “Cosmetic Interventions for Dyschromia: Chemical Peels” was published in the latest issue of The Aestheticians Journal.

Dr. Emmy Graber in www.FitnessMagazine.com

April 2014 Dr. Emmy Graber appears in the April issue of FITNESS magazine, see "Break Free from Breakouts" online or download (PDF)

Dr. Emmy Graber in Good Housekeeping and Teen Vogue | Beauty

October 29, 2013 Dr. Emmy Graber appears in the January issues of Good Housekeeping and Teen Vogue. She was interviewed by Good Housekeeping for an article on sensitive skin and gave Teen Vogue her guide to the best over the counter acne treatments. See, Your Biggest Sensitive Skin Problems Solved!andThe 5 Best Acne-Fighting Ingredients Ever

Dr. Emmy Graber in Boston Magazine

November 2013 Dr. Emmy Graber appears in the November issue of Boston Magazine. Read her article here: "Outer Beauty: Nine Antioxidant-Rich (and Dermatologist-Approved) Foods for Your Skin"

Dr. Emmy Graber Talks About the VBeam® Treatment

April 11, 2012 – please read, “Laser Tag”

Dr. Emmy Graber talks about poison ivy treatment and prevention

April 9, 2012 >Read “What should you do if you get poison ivy?”  

Zits Happen: Q&A on Acne

September 15, 2011 – We’ve all had them. Zits. Pimples. Pus pockets. Pizza toppings. Mirror breakers. Blemishes. Whatever you call them, you’ve had ‘em. Some of us more than others. This pervasive, common affliction is certainly problematic. How many first dates, job interviews, high school reunions, weddings, and public appearances have had added angst due to this common skin ailment? I see hundreds of pimples all day long and I hear all kinds of questions and statements about zits. Allow me to address some of the most common acne inquiries… >Read “Zits Happen”

Dr. Emmy Graber comments on Kim Kardashian’s psoriasis

July 26, 2011  “It looks like she has the less common psoriasis variety called guttate, which comes on suddenly and spreads rapidly over the body — often after a bout of strep throat or excessive stress.” says Emmy Graber, M.D. >Read more

Skin Care Basics Are All You Need To Achieve Smooth, Flawless Skin

July 7, 2011 “Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated — in fact, the simpler, the better,” says Emmy Graber, M.D. >Read “Simple Steps for Glowing Skin” 

Is Your Sunscreen Dangerous

June 12, 2011 Dr. Graber Comments on the Use Of Sunscreen > Read “Is your sunscreen dangerous?” 

Dr. Emmy Garber Awarded

May 27, 2011  Dr. Graber received the Peter E. Pochi and John S. Strauss Clinical Scholar Award at Boston University Acne Symposium

Dr. Emmy Garber on Skin Care

May 27, 2011 Some of Dr. Graber’s Favorite Skin Care Techniques > Read “Taking make-up from day to night, quickly” 

Risks of Tanning Beds

November 12, 2010 Dr. Graber Discusses the Risks Of Tanning Beds > Read “Tanning Leads To Favored Tone, Unfavored Effects” 

Dry Winter Skin Tips

November 12, 2010 Dr. Graber’s Tips For Dry Winter Skin and Problematic Hair > Read “Solutions for Dry Winter Skin and Problematic Hair”


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