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Pediatrics – Breastfeeding Center

Community Outreach

The Breastfeeding Center works in partnership with several organizations and community groups to increase overall population health through breastfeeding, collaborating closely with local communities in Boston and all across the United States.

Vital Village

Vital Village is a network of residents and organizations committed to maximizing child, family, and community wellbeing.  The BMC Vital Village Network promotes community wellness, prosperity and resilience by strengthening partnerships between local organizations and residents to build community capacity to protect children and improve their wellbeing.

The Vital Village Network currently has two ongoing collaborative efforts to promote breastfeeding success.  First, they are partnering with the Boston Public Health Commission’s Father Friendly Initiative (FFI).  FFI is committed to providing low-income men in Boston with resources and tools to support their family and community.  In 2013, they launched a campaign, Fatherhood and Nurturing, through a process informed by community residents and supported by Vital Village.  The campaign included media tools and an educational workshop on infant feeding and breastfeeding support.  Vital Village is now developing an additional series specifically focused on the role of fathers in supporting breastfeeding, again in collaboration with community residents.

A second project involves supporting the development of meaningful small group opportunities to support breastfeeding using the BABY CAFÉ model.  Vital Village has partnered with over 50 community organizations and numerous residents in three Boston neighborhoods (Dudley, Codman Square, and Mattapan), and hopes to support the emergence of a network of BABY CAFÉs throughout those areas. Lactation Services at BMC is supporting the launch of the BABY CAFÉ model in select community sites, and with the support of Vital Village, have a new café scheduled to begin in the winter of 2014.  In addition, Vital Village is also assisting community resident partners in receiving training as peer counselors through local WIC offices

Navajo Nation Breastfeeding Coalition

The Navajo Nation Breastfeeding Coalition’s mission is to "improve the nutritional status and overall health of families on the Navajo Nation."  In collaboration with local WIC offices, other community groups, and health care providers, the Coalition works to promote public acceptance of breastfeeding, increase public awareness of the benefits, and encourage behavioral change that results in improved rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration. They aim to broaden acceptance and support for breastfeeding in schools and worksites through education and advocacy, and to provide support and connections for families who are breastfeeding. 

To learn more, visit their website at: http://navajobreastfeedingcoalition.webs.com/

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