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Leaves of Absence (LOA)


Boston Medical Center (BMC) recognizes that certain conditions and circumstances may arise to cause an employee to request time off from work. To address this issue, BMC recognizes the need to grant leaves of absence (LOA) for certain personal, medical, or citizenship responsibilities. These leaves must balance the operational needs of BMC with the needs of the employees, and follow all applicable federal and state laws.

Note: Be sure to read the policy on the leave you are approved for to fully understand the terms of the leave. Not all leaves guarantee your job upon return. If you are a represented employee, please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

BMC Offers the Following Leaves of Absence

  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Medical Leave (non-FMLA)
  • Massachusetts Parental Leave
  • Military Medical Leave
  • Military Qualifying Exigency
  • Military Deployment/Active Duty
  • Military Activation (Voluntary or Involuntary)*
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Small Necessities Leave
  • Domestic Violence Leave

When to Apply

The general rule is that you must apply for a Leave of Absence 30-days prior to the beginning of your requested leave date. Exceptions to this rule are made for unexpected events such as emergency surgery or illness. In those situations, you must notify your manager as soon as practical of the need for a leave and follow the application process below.

How to Apply

For all leaves, employees must submit a completed Request for Leave of Absence Form and documentation supporting the need for the leave.

  • First Day out of Work:  On the form you should put the first day you were not able to work your scheduled shift (not the date of illness or injury).
  • Last Day out of Work:  This is the date of the last shift you are unable to work, not the day of your return. If the last day out is unknown, such as due to an ongoing health condition, you may put in the date of your next follow-up doctor's appointment.
  • Signatures:  Both you and your manager need to sign the form. Your manager's signature only verifies that they have received the request, not that your leave has been approved.

How to Submit

The Request Form and Required Documentation may either be dropped off in Human Resources or mailed to:

Boston Medical Center
Human Resources 
Absence Management Department
85 E. Concord St, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02118

Faxed and Scanned Copies will NOT be accepted.

Leave of Absence Documentation



Required Documentation

Give to

Medical Leave

  • FMLA
  • MMLA
  • Worker's Compensation


Absence Management Department

Medical Leave

  • FMLA

A Family Member

Absence Management Department

Military Medical Leave

  • FMLA

Yourself, or family member

Absence Management Department

Military Qualifying Exigency

Support for a covered service member

Absence Management Department

Military Deployment/Active Duty


Absence Management Department and your Manager

Military Activation


  • Official Military Orders
    *This is not treated as a Leave of Absence so only a copy of the orders is required.

Absence Management Department and your Manager

Americans with Disabilities Act


Absence Management Department

Personal Leave

Yourself or Others

Absence Management Department and your Manager

Small Necessities Act                                


Your Manager

Domestic Violence Leave


Absence Management Department and your Manager

Salary Replacement

The approval for a Leave of Absence gives you permission to be out of work but does not provide a form of salary replacement.  If you plan on being out of work for more than 5 days, please contact Liberty Mutual to initiate your disability claim.  They can be reached at 800.713.7384.

Note: Be sure to read the policy or Benefit Plan Summary on the salary replacement you are eligible for to fully understand the terms of the benefit. If you are a represented employee, please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Need Help?

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Absence Management
Fax: 617.414.7127

Boston Medical Center
HR Benefits
85 E. Concord St., 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02118


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