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Research Faculty



Assistant Professor of Medicine

Center for HIV/AIDS Care and Research

Boston Medical Center

650 Albany Street, EBRC 646

Boston, MA 02118

P: 617.414.4806

F: 617.414.5280


B.S.    University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D.  Stanford University


The Montano laboratory is broadly interested in HIV pathogenesis, muscle biology, and aging. Research initiatives in the Montano laboratory include analysis of host genes and molecular mechanisms engaged during HIV-1 infection and transmission, the interaction between host immune factors (e.g., macrophages) and muscle stem cell remodeling during HIV associated wasting, and the molecular phenotyping of aging and longevity. The laboratory utilizes tools in molecular virology, quantitative analysis of gene and protein expression, and genome-wide microarray analysis to better understand genotypic and phenotypic associations with human health and disease.

Dr. Montano is currently (2007-2012) the principal investigator of a NIAMS-sponsored R01 research grant entitled, “Macrophage-Muscle Precursor Cell Interactions in the Context of HIV Infection.” Dr. Montano recently completed (2003-2007) his NIAID-sponsored R01 research grant entitled, "Molecular Analysis of HIV-1C Transmission Cofactors." This study evaluated the role of the maternal gene expression profile in HIV-1 perinatal transmission in Botswana, Africa.


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